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#shawm (Shomprakash Sinha Roy)
Elon Musk Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Indian Elections

Cryptic Twitter behavior, predictive impact on emerging financial markets, the ongoing Dogecoin debate, theories on nuking Mars, and that fantastic performance as Lloyd Ostertag on Saturday Night Live, are just some of the reasons why a vast majority of Indians know the name ‘Elon Musk’ as this article is being…

Photo by Thomas Bormans on Unsplash

Hello, technology.
We meet again.

I know it sounds
Rather insane.

But I know not,
No more,
How to hide my

The bit bucket
Is gone, and
The wind whispers
Your name.

Oh lovelorn rapper
Of dark galaxies,
Please partake in
My disdain.

I offer tonight
Some snarks of yore,

“The wound is where the light enters you.” — Rumi. / “You can choose the wound too.” — Sorting Hat.

I am so proud of you.

Look how far we have come. Look how open & free and happy our lives have become. Sure, the woods are lovely, dark & deep. But the sun is bright, and there is love all around us. …

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

I knew you
When we were
Dots, you & I.

I was a pebble
And you were
the sky
I was thrown at.

First there
Was one world
And then
There was you

Riding on that
Beam, my lady,
I love you too.

For you & I
Have played this

Old memories,
They say nothing at all
About how bright
The sun shone
On an otherwise
Perfectly lonely
And perfectly amazing
Springtime morning.

Nothing about the wind
Has much to conspire
With the droplets and dews
Of a season brewing over
The smell of midsummer
Dancing shadows.

The boy &…

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

There was this damsel
In pink tinseltown
With pinkish dreams
And pinkish love.

On a white mirror
She painted with blood
The deathless dreams of
Her crimson children.

In moments of crisp
And jittery pain
She made great love
To the prince of darks

She swore to fight
And vowed to…

Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

It isn’t the tower
Or the snow
Or the stormy winds
From down below

My heart doth not ache
For the deep purple
And the warm yellow
Hiding in the skies.

With you, I’ve been
There before,
In ships that fly
And cities that sink.

Wise men of mockery
And love…

Photo by Karthik Balakrishnan on Unsplash

Dear Suresh,

Whew. This one was a big surprise to keep bottled up, but it was worth every moment we spent behind it. We hope you like the video. This one goes to you & Colive. Happy Independence Day.


We have many names. We are India’s youth. Sometimes, we…

Photo by Aditya Ali on Unsplash

You cry tonight, woman.
You go, girl.

I curse my luck
And break open
Dead caskets
Of wine soaked
In red & gold
And you cry tonight, woman.
You go, girl.

Let your pink
Fingers twirl.
Allow me the pleasure
Of wiping moist spectacles
With dry soups of red
And let our dreams dream
Of jumping…

#shawm (Shomprakash Sinha Roy)

Writer & Creator of Worlds. In love with Pain, The Accidents of Equilibrium, and Rules 42 & 43.

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